Alpine Farmers

"Alpine farmers are a particular human species. They represent almost an archetype of human life. Their lifestock and their soil sustain their families, yet they are willing to adapt to modern times. They reject any romanticism about their lifestyle but do not hesitate to openly display this very lifestyle, which at times we might consider strange.
Angelika Kampfer has approached the Alpine farmers and their obstinacy with her camera. She portrays them at their work, shows their relations, focusses on details of their lives and makes us breathe with the rhythm of their daily routine. She interprets little and observes a lot. She arranges her photos as discreetly as possible, always placing the individuals in the center and letting them speak for themselves.  The Alpine farmers have probably rarely been the subject of photographic ambition, yet they pose without diguise and varnish. They open up their world for the observer and allow him to interpret. Indeed a special human species."


Dr. Christine Haiden,
ChR Welt der Frau