World Photographers on Beijing

Wold Photographers focusing on Beijing, 2000

In May 2000 71 photographers from 25 countries were invited by the mayor of Beijing to take a close personal photographic look at that city.


Dear friends,

May I have the honour to greet you on your presence here on behalf of Beijing, a city so ancient yet so new.
Beijing, capital of five ancient Chinese dynasties, has always enjoyed a global fame as a city of historic and cultural interest, a city with a long history and a brilliant cultural heritage. The city again became the national capital with the birth of the People‘s Republic of China in 1949. Over the past 50 years, Beijing has been marching, in proud, steady strides, toward the projected goal of becoming a modern world metropolis. The city has witnessed changes taking place with each passing day, along with constant improvement in the life of its residents. This ancient capital has come to be overflowing with vigour as it undergoes baptism of modern civilization.
Now that the Long Card Cup – World Photographers Focusing on Beijing is under way, we count on you for work to record Beijing’s ancient charm and modern splendor by using your unique eye as photo artists in taking candid pictures of history to help more people in the world learn about Beijing and China. Indeed, we feel so honoured to have you all – 71 famous photographers from 25 countries – at this gathering of an unprecedented scale for exchange between Chinese and foreign artists, which comes in early summer when the scenery of Beijing is exceptionally enchanting. We believe that you will keep a fond memory of this photo-taking experience in Beijing, an experience that will make the album of Beijing’s history even more colourful
May the Long Card Cup – World Photographers Focusing an Beijing be crowned with complete success!

Liu Qi
Mayor of Beijing
May 2000