Exchange. Villach - Bamberg

“25 years of Villach and Bamberg as twin towns”

The gallant dancing teacher at the ball-opening, a queer housewife with a shopping cart, the pretty shop assistants in the lingerie shop, twin girls in full dirndl – Angelika Kampfer has photographed people amidst their daily routines and backgrounds. No surprise shots, but just the way how they move about in front of the camera. And: in a world that is typical for them – at work, at celebrations, shopping, at church festivities, at their hobbies and in their free time.

Each one of these extended portraits tells a story, a unique, unspectacular story of the lives of the little ones and the big ones, the old ones and the young ones, the poor and the rich in two fairly small towns. In this case it is Bamberg and Villach. Stories which are inconspicuous in the daily hustle and bustle. But when the viewer stops and contemplates these pictures he comes to realize what is so special about something that starts out so unobtrusively. And when comparing these pictures one suddenly notices that uniqueness is part of normality, that a “story” so typical for Bamberg might easily be found in Villach as well – and vice versa.

From: Otto Müller Verlag, 1999