Old Age - Togetherness

Our perception of old age, the final stage of our life, is rather blurred. The media use plump clichés – wrinkles permitted, fragility forbidden. Almost any political discussion on old age is dominated by numbers – old age as a financial matter. The old people themselves and those who take care of them remain mostly unseen – old age as a virtual state.

Angelika Kampfer’s portraits of aged people close that gap in our perception and open a window for us to view life at a stage when it has not yet reached its end though it is approaching this end. She does not disguise anything and at the same time she preserves the personal dignity of those portrayed in every picture. She does not romanticize or dramatize the situation, but in showing what she sees she encourages us to accept old age as part of our life.

"What is important and what remains important in old age is life itself: the life that has already been lived and the life that is being lived right now. I have seen happy, grateful, content people, but also very lonely people. That is the balance of our life. How we live when we are old is determined before we reach that stage in our life. Good social contacts and a positive attitude towards life are issues we have to deal with throughout our whole life."

Angelika Kampfer